Friday, January 22, 2010

"I SPY" bags

Woohoo! I finally got a project done that has been on my list for ages! I used flannel, Poly Pellets, and some small trinkets. I hadn't realized how cheap the clear vinyl was, so that was definitely an added benefit! I had made magnetic calendars for Christmas so I had all sorts of little things in a box all ready to be used. Here is what I did.

1. Cut fabric into 3 squares that are 8" each (one square is for a pocket on the back)

2. Sew velcro onto the top center of one square.

3. Fold edge with velcro down. Sew on raw edge to keep in place.

4. Attach other side of the velcro to the back square. Baste pocket onto this piece.

5. Cut out a square slightly smaller than you want your viewing window to be. I think mine was about 5". Snip diagonally to each corner and fold the fabric to leave a nice finished edge on your window.

6. Cut out your clear vinyl bigger than your viewing window. Mine was 6" square. Sew it to your opening. I double stitched it to secure the beads.

7. Pin and sew your front and back pieces right side together, leaving a small open edge to turn it right side out.

8. With your bag turned right side out, fill it with your trinkets and Poly Pellets. (I could only find this filler at Michaels).

9. Pin opening closed. Sew in place. Top stitch entire bag to make the edges stronger.

10. All done! I made cute cards to put in the back pocket, so my child will know what to search for!


  1. Absolutely adorable - so cute - looks like fun!

  2. That project has been on my list forever too, at least now I have some easy to follow instructions for it, thank you!

  3. I never seen one of these, but it's adorable!

  4. That's really cute! I'll have to make one.... soon. :)

  5. I make those too. I use all vinyl on the outside though because then I can wipe them down. I make them small enough to fit into a purse too. You can look at them if you want to on my blog:
    Thanks for the nice comment on my Easter wreath. =)


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