Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Car Playmat

I have seen tons of those car rugs with streets on them, but I was A-MAZED when my son got this playmat from his Auntie Shell. She's the best!

Come with me on a tour of Wyattville:

His very own car shop!

The craft store, post office, hardware store, and barber shop!
(Each named after a cousin or grandpa, of course!)

The town library (Named after Grandma who is a retired librarian!)

Family members houses. They look exactly like our real ones!

Now it's back to play time!

Have a great day everyone!

*In case you are wondering how it's made, green canvas is the base fabric. Everything is hand painted on with fabric paint. Clear vinyl is on both sides to protect it. The edges are bound with bias tape. *


  1. Michelle did a great job! She didn't need my help at all! I think I want one, but I don't have any little boys at home - maybe one of my special nephews will want one.

  2. So really awesome! Big kudos to Michelle - she worked many hours on the mat for Wyatt!

  3. That is an awesome playmat! I love all the personalized details.


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