Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Car Roll Up

If it has wheels, or even a motor, (or even a fake motor), and can go vroom, my son loves it. On Sunday before church, I decided to make him something I had heard of, but hadn't seen a lot of. So here it is-my version of the Car Roll Up. I used helicopter fabric since helicopters can also say a version of "vroom". My son, who just turned 2, sat through all of church and this was the only thing he played with! WAY worth the effort!

Show and Tell Green


  1. I love these things. I really should get around to making my son one!

    Thanks for linking up today.


  2. great idea! it would get way more use than our crayon rolls! i'll have to try this! thanks for posting.

  3. You've got a great blog here & lots of good ideas for tots. I've got a MckLinky party called Tot Tuesday. I hope you'll stop by link up:

  4. I am so bummed! I was going to make Wyatt that for Christmas. Oh, well at least he can play with it now instead of later. I made the ones on http://homemadebyjill.blogspot.com/ and I loved how they turned out.

  5. Hi Traci :)

    I found your blog today through Whatever Goes Wednesday and I love it! I'll be following.


  6. If that will get a 2 year old boy to sit through church than I better get on the ball and make one. I've got tons of scrap fabric around....very cute.

  7. I saw this at the bottom of the blog today and remembered that I didn't tell you that I totally made one a few days after you posted this and had several requests to make some for friends. Thanks for the great idea!
    Here is my post I showed it in. http://andynadellransom.blogspot.com/2010/03/crafty-life-stuff.html


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