Sunday, May 23, 2010

Crafty mama

My husband jokes and tells me I have "can't-sit-still-itis" and I always tell him it's not MY fault, it's my mama's fault! She's the one who taught me to stay busy busy. My mom also taught me all she knows about crafting. She won't admit it much these days, but she's a fab crafter. I think my recent crafting is rubbing off on her now too! HA! She told me she was working on some bags. Being that my mom lives in another state :( I asked her to send me a picture. Being the funny woman she is, she sent me the pictures like I would post on my blog. So, I am turning this post into my mom's bag post! She's taking over and doesn't even know it!

A guy came by my dad's business the other day with loads of these bags (and coupons too).

My mom thought she would fancy them up with this fabric:

She started with her own fabric flowers and buttons (Adorable!):

Then sewed them on the bag, added some cute stitching on the sides and added cute bows.

I think my mama did amazing! Great job mom!


  1. Your mother is talented! What a great idea. :o)

  2. That's so great that you featured your Mom! Those bags turned out great, mine already came in handy:) I think your Mom is denial about her craftiness, it is not something you outgrow!


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