Monday, May 17, 2010

The unveiling of THE quilt

Let me start by saying I have never made a quilt like this. I mean, I have tied quilts, lots and lots of flannel quilts, but i have never pieced anything together to actually call it a quilt. By no means am I a real quilter, but I think I did pretty well. I started with this:

(Loads and loads of leftover fabric and fabric I just couldn't NOT buy at the store, but had no project for. Remember, I DO have a fabric addiction!)

I began by cutting fabric in certain sizes and putting it in ziplpoc bags labeled 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", and 13". I randomly chose those sizes, who knows what happened to 11 or 12"! I cut the fabric that dimension by whatever I felt like to make rectangles and squares.

Then I layed out each row and sewed the small pieces together to get a horizontal row. Then I just sewed together each row and ended up with the top of my quilt.

I used thin batting and a queen sheet as my backing. I pinned the batting and backing onto the quilt top and sewed on the seams of each row.

Next, I MADE BIAS TAPE! Who knew you could actually make your own and it would be cheaper and WAY cuter! I got a bias tape tool in the quilting section at the fabric store for about $5 on sale. It looks like this:
I made bias tape! I don't think I will ever buy bias tape again! I will make my own!

Then I attached my bias tape to the edges and my quilt was D-U-N done! (The stripe is my backing and here you can see the subtle bias tape)

Now this quilt lives on the guest bed in my craft room and I LOVE it! Fitting place for it, I think!

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