Monday, June 28, 2010

$6 Skirt

It's hot. I mean it is really hot. We have been busy around here staying cool and sitting, yes sitting, in the cool air conditioning. My crafting has been slowed these past few weeks due to potty training. That can be pretty exhausting all itself, but I think we have managed to get through it and are now diaper free! Woohoo! My son is 2 years and 3 months and he loves being a big boy!
I rewarded myself with some fabric. And I made a skirt even! All in the same weekend! I recently heard about elastic thread. I admit, I got kind of giddy. Using it made me equally giddy! I took 1 yard of fabric, cut it on the fold, added some accent fabric to the bottom, hemmed it on top and bottom, then shirred the heck out of it with my elastic thread. I did sew some thicker elastic on the very top inside, just so my little one won't pants me at church! It turned out fabulous. I am thinking no more skirt patterns for me. This was WAY easier and faster! I am thinking I will be making many summer skirts now.
**Update: I should probably add that my elastic thread was $1.59 for a 30 yard spool. It is in the notions section with elastic. Mine was made by Dritz.
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wings that make me fly

My son wanted wings. Kind of along the lines of fairy wings. He's 2, can't blame the kid for wanting fairy wings. Mommy might think that's cute, daddy not so much. Here's what I whipped up. Let's call them Buzz wings! I took a cereal box, scissors, and fabric. I used a Buzz toy to get the shape of the wings.

I cut out the wings.

I cut 2 of each piece out of fabric, slightly larger though. I made "slipcovers for the cardboard pieces, then sewed them shut and sewed the pieces together. This could all be done with hot glue, but for me sewing was faster. I added elastic loops as arm holes.

My boy now can fly! At least he thinks so!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Orange office {revisited}

Remember the orange office? I haven't forgotten about the window treatments. I just needed some time to digest the color and let it sink in. I saw this fabric at Ikea and thought, "hmm. not too girly, not to manly, just the right colors." My mom was here visiting too, so I might have had a little push from her to FINISH this project! Glad it's done and it looks good (being an orange room and all!)
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