Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wings that make me fly

My son wanted wings. Kind of along the lines of fairy wings. He's 2, can't blame the kid for wanting fairy wings. Mommy might think that's cute, daddy not so much. Here's what I whipped up. Let's call them Buzz wings! I took a cereal box, scissors, and fabric. I used a Buzz toy to get the shape of the wings.

I cut out the wings.

I cut 2 of each piece out of fabric, slightly larger though. I made "slipcovers for the cardboard pieces, then sewed them shut and sewed the pieces together. This could all be done with hot glue, but for me sewing was faster. I added elastic loops as arm holes.

My boy now can fly! At least he thinks so!

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  1. love it! how cute! my son is loving buzz (thanks to toy story 3 coming out!) I might just have to whip up a pair!

  2. LOVE IT! And boys deserve wings too... manly wings, OF COURSE! ;)

    Thanks for linking up today.

  3. So funny we bought that material 10 years ago for YOU! So glad Wy is using it!! Love how he so much loves to fly like BUZZ!!!!!

  4. Love it!
    Thanks for sharing your awesome project!

  5. That's better than the plastic ones my boys got for Christmas that I detest.


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